Common Cargo Terms

Here are some common industry terms you may hear when working with our Cargo Service Specialists.
  • Dangerous Goods Often referred to as “DG,” dangerous goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons onboard the aircraft. DG may include firearms and ammunition, infectious substances, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, and spare batteries.
  • Declared Value The value of a shipment as declared by its owner or shipper. It is not insurance coverage. It is the carrier’s maximum liability for the package in case of loss or damage. The maximum declared value on Hawaiian Air Cargo may not exceed $5,000. If no value is declared, liability is $0.50 per pound, with a minimum of $50 per shipment.
  • Dimensional Weight The weight of a shipment based on its <em>volume</em>. A shipment may have a low actual weight, but if it occupies a substantial amount of space, it will be charged according to dimensional weight, which is calculated by the following formula: Height x Length x Width / 194.
  • DIMS Dimensions (H x W x L), in inches or centimeters.

How fast can I get it?

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