Live Animals

Animal health and safety are our priorities.
Shipping Live Animals

We take great care when shipping all animals. We've provided the checklist below to respond to common questions and concerns to help ensure your animal's safety and comfort.

With you as a customer in mind, we designed a checklistto assist you when you are ready to make your reservations.


  • We recommend you review our checklist prior to making your reservations (Applies to only domestic cats and dogs)
  • Restricted to the following live animals: dogs, cat, tropical fish and crustaceans.
  • Advance booking shipper is required.
  • All shipments of live animals must comply with IATA Live Animal, USDA/APHIS and U.S. Fish and Wildlife regulations.
  • Shipment must comply with all local, state, federal and international regulations.
  • The shipper must contain the documentation required for the transport of the animal, including a Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian not more than ten (10) days prior to flight departure for flights from Hawaii or not more than fourteen (14) days for flights to Hawaii.
  • One health certificate per pet.
  • Minimum Age Requirements - must be 8 weeks or older and weaned off mother.
  • All shipments must be prepaid, we accept credit cards or personal checks only.


Carriers and Kennels

  • The container must be suitable for the animal being transported and appropriate for air transportation.
  • The kennel must be of rigid construction with a solid top and  required to have manufactured ventilation on all four sides. 
  • Hard sided plastic kennels with metal bolts are required, nuts may be metal, nylon or plastic as long as unbreakable and used to secure each hole provided on kennels.
  • The animal must be able to stand, sit, turn and lie down in a natural manner.
  • The shipper must supply a leak-proof container as well as absorbent bedding that is suitable for the animal.
  • Snap-sided kennels, modified snap-side kennels, adaptations (including the addition of nuts, bolts or screws), plastic and top-opening doors are prohibited.
  • All snub nose/brachycephalic breeds are required to move in one kennel size larger than its normal kennel size. 
  • Hawaiian Airlines Cargo will not accept any modified kennels which include drilling holes in the kennel to make ventilation. 

Kennel Chart

Kennel Type

Outside Size
(L” x W” x H”)

Kennel Weight (pounds)

(Dim) Weight

(100 Series)

21 x 15 x 16



(200 Series)

27 x 20 x 19



(300 Series)

32 x 22 x 23



(400 Series)

36 x 24 x 26



(500 Series)**

40 x 27 x 30



(700 Series)*

48 x 32 x 35



**Kennels should not exceed 28" in height on 717 and A321/NEO aircraft
*700 series kennels are not accepted on 717 aircraft


Food & Water

  • Your kennel must have two empty dishes (one for food and one for water) securely fastened to the inside of the kennel, yet accessible from the outside without opening the door. In the event of unforeseen delays, food supplied by the shipper is dispensed to the animal by a licensed veterinarian or local kennel. We comply with federal regulations which state we must offer food for dogs/cats less than 16 weeks of age every 12 hours and every 24 hours for those over 16 weeks of age. A one-piece dish is permitted provided it is divided into two separate compartments. Food must be secured outside of the kennel in a sealed bag.
  • Water bottles are permitted provided they are firmly secured to the outside of the kennel and are refillable without opening the door. A separate dish for food as described above is also required.
  • In case there should be a delay, please tape a small bag of dry food to the top.


We are pleased to accept dogs and cats for transport if the actual or forecasted temperature in each city along the way is between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

20 to 45 Degrees Fahrenheit

A Letter of Acclimation is required for all pets traveling to/from all US cities from Oct. 16- Apr. 15. It must be issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian and dated within 10 days of travel for both the departure and return trips and include the shipper's name and address, type of animal and the specific low temperature that the animal can withstand. Your pet will not be allowed to travel if your document doesn't state a specific low temperature.

Below 20 Degrees Fahrenheit

We will not ship any animal if the actual or forecasted temperature in any city along the routing is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Live Animal Embargo effective annually from April 15 through October 15 for the following cities:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sacramento, California

For operational hours and location information, please visit our Location & Hours page.


  • Place "Live Animal" and "This Side Up" labels (or directional arrows) on all four sides whenever possible. The letters must be at least one inch tall.
  • Complete all labeling as indicated on the Live Animal Checklist (you are required to complete this upon tendering your shipment).

Pet Policies (by location)

  • Animals originating from a point outside the Hawaiian Islands must clear quarantine at the first point of entry.
  • For additional info, please review our online Government Regulations section and contact the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA), Animal Quarantine Station at 808- 483-7171.


  • Snap-sided kennels, modified snap-side kennels, adaptations (including the addition of nuts, bolts or screws), plastic and top-opening doors.
  • collapsible, folding kennels must be rendered inoperable.


Pet Restrictions Apply

Review the Contract of Carriage for Conditions and Charges for Acceptance of Live Animals