Taking pride in freshness and quality


We deliver your perishables to their destination as fresh as the day you shipped them. You can help us by keep your items fresh by following the guidelines below:

General Requirements

  • Advanced booking is required.
  • The complete name and address of the shipper and the consignee.
  • The telephone numbers for both the shipper and consignee (an after-hours number for both shipper and consignee is preferable).
  • A description of the shipment (i.e., fresh or frozen and species)
  • The commodity number, where applicable

Packaging Requirements

  • The container (box, cooler, etc.) must be sturdy enough to with stand normal handling during the loading and unloading process.
  • Outer packaging must withstand a minimum 500 lbs. top loading capacity.
  • Wet lock boxes must be multi-walled and waterproofed inside and out. Any evidence of leakage or strong odor will result in the shipment being rejected.
  • Leak proof gusseted corners must be both the top and bottom, with a top that extends fully over the bottom.
  • A minimum of two bands must be secured around the width of each box; we recommend an additional two bands around the length of each box. Sturdy materials like fiber tape, plastic or metal banding is acceptable; masking tape is not.
  • 200 pounds is the maximum gross weight allowed per box on interisland flights.
  • Canisters, buckets and jars, if packed inside a carton, must have inner packaging liners to prevent movement. A tight, leak-proof lid is required for liquids. Jars should be separated with cardboard dividers.
  • Label your container/box with labels such as "Perishable-Fresh Seafood". Be sure to include the shipper's name as well as the consignee's name and address.
  • ISO arrows or "This Side Up" should be used to indicate the upright position. If shipping live seafood, mark the box "Live Seafood" for added assurance of special handling.
  • Seafood must be packed to withstand up to 48 hours (domestic US) transit time and 72 hours (international) transit time.


Hawaiian Air Cargo recommends gel packs or dry ice when shipping time sensitive seafood. Because dry ice is included in the dangerous goods category for air transport, applicable regulations must be met.

Note: Shipments containing wet ice will not be accepted.