New Home for Hawaiian Air Cargo in Honolulu

Hawaiian Air Cargo moved into its brand new, state-of-the-art facility on November 29, 2017, just around the bend from the previous facility it operated out of for more than 50 years.

Located at 277 Elliott Street, the new facility provides monumental improvements in space and technology, allowing Hawaiian Air Cargo to keep pace with the impressive growth experienced over the past few years.

“The new facility has a superior design, is much more technologically advanced, and offers many advantages for our employees and customers in terms of efficiencies, equipment and comfort,” says Brad Matheny, Hawaiian Air Cargo Managing Director.

Some of the features designed to enhance the customer experience include additional parking, and docks, larger, digitized reefers and security cages for customers offloading freight. There are also laser scanning scales, designed to capture both gross weight and dimensions, feeding them automatically into the cargo system – resulting in greater accuracy and efficiency.

In addition to the increased warehouse space, another structure is now being built next to the cargo facility, which will allow for even greater expansion as the new cargo freighters are introduced into the fleet.