Specific Commodity Rates

Rate information by category and classification

To find a Specific Commodity Rate (SCR) for a type of cargo, please use the resources below. Please note: our NEW All-In Airfreight rating structure goes into effect on October 15, 2021.

SCR Zone Map
Our US Route Map groups the destinations we service into zones which can be cross-referenced in our SCR Rate Sheets.

SCR Categories
Commodity types are assigned a standard 3 to 5-digit SCR/ULD code. To see what your cargo’s SCR number is, use our index below.

SCR/ULD Description
9950 Freight all kinds, except: human remains and live animals
9091 Human remains, not cremated
1026 Live, tropical fish
0300 Fish and seafood, live or dead
1400 Cut flowers and florists and/or nursery stock, namely: bulbs, growing plants, shrubs, trees, tubers, vines.
0007 Fruits and/or Vegetables
0006 Foodstuffs
7100 Printed matter
4329 Electronics