Specific Commodity Rates

Rate information by category and classification

To find a Specific Commodity Rate (SCR) for a type of cargo, please use the resources below. Please note: our NEW All-In Airfreight rating structure goes into effect on October 15, 2021.

SCR Zone Map
Our US Route Map groups the destinations we service into zones which can be cross-referenced in our SCR Rate Sheets.

SCR Categories
Commodity types are assigned a standard 3 to 5-digit SCR/ULD code. To see what your cargo’s SCR number is, use our index below.

SCR/ULD Description
0050 Freight all kinds, except: human remains and live animals
0091 Human remains, not cremated
0092 Human remains, not creamated, under 80 pounds
0114 Live, tropical fish
0300 Fish and seafood, live or dead
0600 Cut flowers and florists and/or nursery stock, namely: bulbs, growing plants, shrubs, trees, tubers, vines.
0801 Fruits and/or Vegetables
0832 Herbs
2000 Foodstuffs
4900 Printed matter
8648 Electronics