What is the Contract of Carriage?

At Hawaiian Air Cargo, our goal is that every shipment we transport arrive safely and on-time to its destination. But for that to happen, both we as the carrier and you as the shipper have important responsibilities to fulfill, as outlined in what’s known as the Contract of Carriage.

The Contract of Carriage contains the terms and conditions to which the carrier and shipper are legally bound. It takes effect once you, the shipper, sign the air waybill upon tendering your shipment. As with most contracts, it is long and detailed, and people don’t often find the time to read through it to understand its contents. But taking a few minutes to read through it will help you understand our obligations as a carrier, yours as a shipper, and what amends you may be entitled to should a mishap occur. 

Among the main points of the Contract of Carriage are the following:

  • The shipper must properly declare the contents of the shipment, and ensure that the shipment is properly packed to withstand the rigors of normal transport.
  • The transportation of shipments is prioritized according to availability of equipment, space, and service levels.
  • There are specific acts and events for which the carrier is not liable in the case of loss, damage or delay.
  • In the case of carrier liability for loss, delay or damage, we will pay $0.50 per pound for domestic shipments, or the amounts payable under the Warsaw or Montreal convention (whichever is applicable) for international shipments.
  • Shipments are charged as the greater of actual or dimensional weight.

Please take the time to read through the Contract of Carriage before tendering your next shipment. Doing so will help ensure that you fully understand both our obligations as a carrier and yours as a shipper.
The Hawaiian Air Cargo Contract of Carriage can be found here: https://www.hawaiianaircargo.com/cargocontractofcarriage