Certain packages may require a little extra attention. We offer shipping solutions that ensure your precious cargo is protected while meeting all regulatory requirements.

Final_Live_Animals Live Animals Shipping live animals (including pets) requires knowing all the rules and regulations. Learn More
flowers and nursery stock Flowers & Nursery Stock There are certain specifications that you need to follow when shipping perishables. Learn More
seafood Seafood Following these guidelines will ensure your seafood arrives as fresh as the day it was caught. Learn More
Final_Dangerous_Goods Dangerous Goods Make sure you don’t ship anything that may be unsafe. If you do need to ship a special item, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations. Learn More
Final_Fireworks Fireworks Don't spoil your trip or risk the safety of others by shipping fireworks through cargo. Learn More
Final_Bereavement Bereavement We use the utmost care and sensitivity when transporting your loved one. Please click below to find more information to get you through the process. Learn More