Make sure you don’t ship anything that may be unsafe. If you do need to ship a special item, know the rules and regulations.


Shipping fireworks by air is strictly prohibited.  Federal rules forbid transporting fireworks in passenger carry-on, checked baggage, or cargo.

Undeclared fireworks shipped or carried on an aircraft, or sent through the mail, present a very real danger to the crew and passengers.  The potential for spontaneous ignition, combined with improper packing and resulting fire in an aircraft's inaccessible cargo hold, are well known.

Mislabeling fireworks as clothes, tools, machinery, cookies or some other common article is extremely dangerous and illegal.  Airline employees will not have the necessary information to properly handle and store the fireworks and serious injury or loss of life may occur.

Any person carrying fireworks onto an aircraft or attempting to ship them illegally faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a fine.